Caucasian Kazak rug

Kazak carpets are woven by nomadic shepherds in the mountainous region of the Caucasus in Azerbaijan. They are woven from wool and have a fairly thick pile. The design is mostly geometric, consisting of central medallions with different shapes such as cross, squares, diamonds and hexagons. The border of most Caucasian carpets consist of a large band with two smaller bands around it. The most common colors are shades or red, blue, white, yellow, green and light blue.

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Caucasian Karabag

Karabag carpets are woven in the southern region of the Caucasus that borders Iran. They are woven from wool and have a thick pile. Karabag carpets have both geometric and floral design. The colors used in the field are often dark blue or black and the design consist of rather vivid colors like yellow, light green, and bright red.

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