Kilim: a flat woven carpet with no pile.

Bessarabian Kilims

Kilim Bessarabian rug

Bessarabian kilims were originally woven in Romania now known as the region of Bessarabia. They range from 20-40 years in age and are made from 100% wool. Most often the design is floral but can be geometric and the colors used are often shades of red, blue, and black.

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Bulgarian Kilims

Kilim Bulgarian

Bulgarian Kilims are woven by Turkish people living in Bulgaria. Their ancestors were moved over to that area from the Konya region to protect the new borders of the Ottoman Empire. These kilims are popular with their beautiful colors and sizes. Many of them were made in room sizes. They are generally 30-50 years old. Woven with 100% wool and using all natural-dyes.

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Kilim Sumak

The original Sumaks were woven in the in the Caucasus of Azerbaijan. The weave is thicker than a kilim and is made of wool and cotton. Some Sumaks are made using wool and silk which gives a shiny, softer texture. Most Sumaks have a geometric design with a fairly large central motif. The dominant colors are shades of red,green, gold and blue. Sizes range from 5’ X 12’ to 5’ X 16’.

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Old Turkish

Kilim Old Turkish

Kars kilims are made in the town of Kars, Turkey on the Turkish Armenian border. Most Kars kilims feature a variety of repeating medallions and geometric composition and in general are made using shades of brown, pink, and orange. Fethiye kilims originate from Fethiye, a small town in the southwest corner of Turkey. Most of Fethiye kilims have a geometric design with center medallion or diamond design. Mut kilims are originally located in the Taurus Mountains of southern Turkey. The Mut design is based on hexagonal medallions in a repeated pattern. Malatya kilims are made in the area between Sivas and Malatya in east-central Turkey. The pattern is often geometric and colors are shades of red, blue and white.

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Dhoku Kilim

Kilim Dhoku

Dhoku kilims are one-of-a-kind pieces that complement the contemporary urban lifestyle. These kilims are handmade in Turkey using a new weaving technique similar to that of the kilim. Our goal was to create new, uncommon textures and patterns. Dhoku draws its inspiration and guidance from nature. Hand-woven using organic materials and natural dyes. We can custom make a rug for you in any size, pattern or color.

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