Persian Heriz rug image

The traditional Heriz carpets come from the village of Heris in northwest Iran. Originally, the people of Heris made these rugs in larger sizes for their living rooms. The northern section of Iran is suited perfectly for breeding sheep and this region is known for its excellent quality of wool. The carpets consist of a cotton foundation with wool pile. The typical design for a Heriz is a central geometric medallion accompanied by pendants on a sparsely decorated field and very prominent geometric border. The most common colors are reds, blues, camel, brown, greens gold and ivory. The sizes vary from 3’ X 5’ to 12’ X 15’.

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Persian Baktiari rug

Baktiari rugs are woven in southern Iran in the province of Baktiari. The three main designs tend to be a large medallion, panel design, and the design with lozenges. The panel design is one of the most interesting designs which consists of a field divided into squared patterns with various motifs such as cypress trees, birds, flowers, and grapevines. The most common colors are shades of red, green, brown, yellow, blue, and navy. The sizes vary from 4’ X 6’ to 14’ X 20’.

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Persian Tabriz rug

Tabriz carpets are made in the northwestern part of Iran. Since the 17th century, Tabriz has been one of the most important production centers of the country. Tabriz was the home to some of the most skilled weavers. The design is most often floral with a center medallion and the weave is tighter than that of the Heriz. The traditional colors used are shades or red, blue, gold and green.

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Meshed and Kashan

Persian Kashan rug

Persian Meshed rug

Meshed carpets are made in northeastern Iran; Kashan carpets are made in central Iran. Both areas are known for producing high quality wool and designs often tend to be floral with a center medallion. They are famous for their traditional look and classic designs. The colors for Meshed and Kashan carpets are shades of red, blue, gold and burgundy. The pile is thinner and the weave is tighter than many other rugs made in Iran. A softer wool has been used in the making of these rugs, which makes them very desirable. Kashan specifically is known as being one of the finest of all the Persian carpets.

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