Turkish Ushak

Originating from the 15th century, Ushaks were originally used to decorate the Ottoman palaces. They are made from the finest quality of wool and colored by all natural dyes. We have several antique Ushaks ranging from 60 to 100 years old as well as our own custom pieces that are still made in Ushak, Turkey today. If you are looking for the perfect colors and size to fit your home Togar Rugs can custom design your own Ushak with your chosen colors and size. Build time varies between sizes and each rug is handmade, but generally we can custom design and make your Ushak in about 4-6 months.

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Turkish Kayseri rug

The town of Kayseri, located in central Turkey, has a history of being one of the finest carpet making villages in the region. These carpets are often woven from wool with a cotton foundation. Kayseri is also famous for their silk carpets. The design is most often a floral pattern. Hand spun wool and natural dyes are used in the majority of Kayseri rugs. Our collection includes carpets ranging from 35-80 years old and sizes from 2’ X 3’ to 11’ X 15’.

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Turkish Ladik

The town of Ladik is located in central Turkey, in the province of Konya. Ladik is known for being one of the oldest carpet making areas in Turkey. These carpets have a much tighter weave than the Kayseri and a thicker pile. They are made of wool with a cotton foundation and most often are found in beautiful shades of red, yellow, green and blue. Our collection includes sizes ranging from 7’ X 10’ to 11’ X 15’.

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Turkish Hereke

The village of Hereke was rated as the finest rug making village in Turkey and the world still to this day. In recent years the region was decimated by earthquakes, which has destroyed the rug making tradition and business in the area. Now it is a completely a dead art form and all that remains are the carpets still in circulation. These rugs continue to increase in value by the day and remain the most desired pieces amongst collectors. As far as design, quality, and value; Hereke is the best you can buy. These rugs are woven from pure silk or from wool and cotton using the famous Turkish double knot. The design is usually a floral pattern or more complex motif. Sizes from Hereke typically range from 5’ X 8’ to 10’ X 14’.

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The Anatolian region of Turkey represent many different types of rugs. Anatolia is in the southern part of Turkey; rugs from this region include Anadol, Konya, Tashpinar, Karapinar, Doshemealti, and Maden. These rugs are generally in smaller sizes such as 4′ x 6′ and 5′ x 7′ or many are traditionally are a wide runner usually about 5’ x 12’.

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Turkish Patchwork rug

Patchwork rugs are some of the most popular styles in the rug market today. They are handmade in Turkey and can be made to custom order and incorporate your favorite colors and optimal size. Patchworks are made by using pieces of old Turkish rugs which are beyond repair. Our rug makers take the pieces that are still usable, stitching different pieces together and placing a canvas backing on them to secure them for years to come. The result is a very interesting and modern style. Sizes of these rugs range from 4’ X 6’ to 10’ X 14’ but can be made to order.

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